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EarlyAct FirstKnight

In 2013 The Rotary Club of Greenville instituted the Early Act First Knight (EAFK) character education program at LEAD Academy Middle School. EAFK is a character education program that teaches students why they need to build good character through regular, ten-minute lessons. With Rotary’s Four Way Test at its core, the EAFK curriculum uses age-appropriate lesson plans that begin with the first day of Kindergarten and progress daily through the last day of 8th grade. EAFK was the first program of its kind within the Greenville County School District.

Over 1000 students have been impacted by the EAFK program in Greenville County to date. EAFK currently is in two schools: Lead Academy, a free, public charter middle school in Greenville serving grades 5 to 8; and Northwest Middle School, a public school that serves grades 6 to 8. Themed around gallant knights and Rotarian values, EAFK teaches students how to become noble, service oriented people along with understanding why it is important for them to do so. EAFK is amazingly effective, with participating schools crediting the program with significantly increased academic scores, decreased behavioral issues, more teaching time and happier teachers and parents.

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