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Spotlight on the Rotary Foundation with Special Guest DG Terry Weaver, February 23



With Presentations from:
Terry and Pam Weaver
Gillaine Warne
Beth Padgett

Tuesday’s meeting will highlight several projects that both the Rotary Foundation and our club are deeply involved in changing lives for the better.  All share in common a focus on sustainability and projects where we can have a greater impact by using our resources together than we could ever alone.

Gillaine Warne will update us on the impact we are having in the Central Plateau in Haiti through “the Farm” (actually three farms) and Vocational school.  A group from our Rotary Club will be traveling back from Haiti this week so keep them in your thoughts for safe travels!  Beth Padgett will share with us the lifesaving water system and work being done in Honduras.  Last but not least, Terry and Pam Weaver will share their experiences on a recent trip to India for Polio vaccinations.  Polio is an example of a problem that Rotary has committed to defeat for many years where the life being saved may be our own.