Greenville Rotary FAQ’s

Rotary Club of Greenville FAQ’s

Below are answers to some of the most common questions specific to our club.  Common questions related to Rotary International can be found on their website.

Q:  When and where does our club meet?

A:  We meet the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Westin Poinsett Hotel.  Lunch begins at noon and the program starts at 12:05 and ends at 1:00. 

Q:  Is the club on Social Media?

A: Yes.  Our Facebook page is Rotary Club of Greenville

Q:  What is the office number?

A:  The office number is 864-235-2293.

Q:  Who works in the office?

A:  Jeni Townsend is responsible for maintaining club records including, but not limited to membership and financial.  She also serves as administrative support to our 501(c)3 Rotary Charities, Inc.

Q: What if I need to get in touch with someone after hours?

If you have a question or need that requires attention outside of office hours, please contact the current club president, secretary, or your sponsor. 

Q:  How long has our club been in existence?

A:  Our club was organized in January 7, 1916 and chartered March 1, 1916.  We were the first Rotary Club and service organization in South Carolina.  To this day, we are still the largest club in South Carolina. 

Q:  What is our club number?

A: 6198

Q:  What is our district number?

A:  7750

Q:  What zone is our club and district part of?

A:  33

Q:  What is our club’s attendance expectations?

A:  The council on legislation eliminated attendance requirements on July 1, 2016.  Our club fully supports the idea that the more a member is engaged in the club and the community the more you will get out of your Rotary Membership.

Q:  What if I miss a meeting, is there a way to make it up?

A:  Absolutely!  Rotary International and our club make it very easy for members to make up missed meetings.  Currently per Rotary International rules, make-ups must be made within 14 day before or after the missed meeting.  Members can either attend another Rotary clubs meeting (anywhere in the world), attend a club committee meeting, district committee meeting, etc.; or one of the simplest ways to make-up a missed meeting is to visit  Here you will read articles related to Rotary and this can serve as a make-up.  Since it is done through a website, you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Q:  When I participate in a make-up for a missed meeting, does it automatically post to my missed meeting?

A:  With the exception of, which will send an email to the club administrator of your participation, no, make-ups do not post automatically.  It is the responsibility of each club member to keep track of their attendance and notify the club administrator of any make-ups they have participated in.  There are some committee chairs that will pass around sign in sheets for members to fill in when they hold their meetings, but members should always track their attendance through DaCdb.

Q:  I keep hearing about DaCdb, or the club’s database.  What is this and why do I need to know about it?

A:  The majority of Rotary Clubs across the world use a database to manage their membership in order to communicate with the club members, and to use for reporting required data to the District and Rotary International.  DACDB (District and Club Data Base) is an amazing tool.  It is where all the member information is stored, and also makes it easier to send emails to group of members and committees.  It also can generate just about any report you would want.  In addition to all this, it has the capability to store files which is a huge advantage to committees who normally switch out on an annual basis and need a place to reference past information. 

Q:  I’m not at my computer that much and normally only have my phone with me.  Can I get on DACDB on my phone?

A:  Yes!  Go to your browser on your phone and type in  You use the same login info you use to login to DACDB from a computer.  You will want to follow the procedure for your particular phone for bookmarking or adding to your screen.  Using the mobile version of DACDB allows you to search for members and also has an option for posting a make-up.

Q:  Does Rotary International have a website also?

Yes.  The website is  Members should also set-up a profile on this website.  Setting up your profile on the website will allow you to keep up with your contribution to the Rotary Foundation.  The office does not have access to profile information through the site, nor does the office have historical detail of individual foundation contributions.