Date:May 28, 2016

International Projects


In keeping with the goals of Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Greenville has established a committee to carry out service projects overseas. The International Projects Committee aims to emphasize projects that clearly follow the goals of Rotary International and maximize limited resources by focusing on projects in our hemisphere.

Short term projects are one time injections of aid to help with an urgent need somewhere in the world. In 2013 and 2014 we worked on the following short term projects.

o Help for Children in Ghana: A small donation was made to provide eye exams for children in Ghana in a region where eye disease is endemic. Identifying the disease early is critical.

o Assist Burn Victims in Brazil: Assisted a burn clinic in Brazil buy supplies needed to provide long term care for burn victims of a 2013 night club fire.

Long term projects are broader in scope, involve direct involvement by club members and have a sustainable future as their ultimate goal. Long term projects include:

o Progress in Haiti: Malnutrition is being eliminated in the Central Plateau through farming and practical education. We provided equipment in 2014 for processing and drying food produced on the farm as a part of an ongoing commitment to build sustainable agriculture. There is ongoing support to provide scholarships to attend a school that was completed in 2012. This effort will build a skilled work force to continue the work done by Rotary.

o Healthcare for the Peruvian Amazon: A new project is under review to work with local partners in building a much needed clinic in the Amazon. The goal of this project is to provide ongoing healthcare to 33 communities along the Peruvian Amazon by establishing clinics, including floating clinics that can travel to communities too remote to access otherwise, and additional access by transporting patients by boat.